A quick one

So many things happen in one day it’s hard to catch up sometimes.

Came home today to rush another round of course matching for UCLA since I got rejected by HK due to large influx of students from NTU applying for their summer school.so yeap.it might just be USA for me.which I am super excited about because it is my dream to one day visit USA.so the fact that I might just have the chance to go just excites me.PLUS.it’s LA.lagi best.hehe.but it’s like 3x the price compared to HK.lol.ok.the application is very troublesome.hope things go smoothly the next few days.

I have also been addicted highly interested in Blue after attending their concert last week.i had to stop myself from googling info about them.this nosey-ness should fade in the next week or 2.haha.i just love their songs where u can really SING YOUR HEART OUT.lolll.plus their good looks never hurt anyone.haha.and today, Mark Read, one of the A1 singers followed me back on Twitter.haha.im not a fan of A1 and never expected a follow back from ANY “famous” people do this was kinda a surprise for me.haha.also looking forward to Blue’s new album.okay.enough of boybands.

Managed to more or less complete my revision fr 2010.but that also means I need to get started on AC CIRCUITS AND SEMICONDUCTOR FUNDAMENTALS.the number of tutorials tested is INSANE.HELP.

Hopefully i will rmb to blog about my haircut soon.i feel like cutting it shorter.

Okay.a short post ended up being pretty wordy one.laters.


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