crazy weekend

it’s been a crazy weekend. i want to enjoy myself. but AC circuits test is seriously looming at the back of my head. dont even get me started on semiconductor’s constantly nagging at me to go study. but im afraid i dont think i can complete my revision before the test. the feeling sucks. 20% matters a lot to me. all i want to do is just coop up in my room to study. unfortunately, circumstances just dont allow it on weekends.

friday was just bad. woke up late, rushed out of the house, took the bus to boon lay instead of the train and got delayed! šŸ˜” not sure what got into me to take a bus when i was already rushing. had to cab to school from boon lay to make it in time for the test. ATTENDED THE WRONG TUTORIAL CLASS FOR THE TEST. SERIOUSLY THIS IS UNLIKE ME. all along i had been attending the wrongĀ tutorialĀ group. luckily the tutor was kind enough to help me register my scores. sigh. then i spent 1.5 hours doing GSS things. cut the long story short, my whole afternoon was one mad rush. no studying done. that’s what’s getting me feeling so annoyed.

argh. just really annoyed at my situation now. WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY TESTS! RAGE.

in other news, i hope i get to go to UCLA this summer. it’s my dream to go to usa someday. and if i am able to go, i promise not to travel for a whole year after that. but the thought of having to leave Bandon and Rusty just makes me that bit reluctant.

Blue’s “Love at first sight” is playing in my head on repeat. what an awesome song. i cant wait for their new album in Mayyyy.


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