One more for the night


Bandon and Rusty in their down-stay position.honestly I’m quite proud of their progress so far with the weekly trainings.the trainer says they are quite good etc.(but sometimes I think he is just trying to be nice.he is the trainer after all.of course will say that my dogs are good right?) haha.but compared to the past where walking anywhere outside my house would send little Bandon into a frenzy, now he actually obeys commands outside home.they aren’t perfect and still bark and chew and destroy and dig and jump and misbehave.but they will always remain my cutest furkids.i guess that is the same for every other dog owner.We’re going to west coast park next Saturday to meet other dogs tgt with the dog trainer.hope it’ll be fruitful.

Celebrated my grandfather’s 75th birthday today at my place.seriously chaotic.i realized my house is rly quite small.not trying to be sarcastic or anything but there is hardly any space to walk around.i guess my parents aren’t good at furniture decor etc.oh was still a good time and finally the kinetic was given the opportunity to prove its worth.haha.10 people playing Rabbies round Robbin style was pretty fun.but it’s was super crowded and hot.but I must say, kids are pretty smart these days to be able to understand complex rules and instructions.they catch on rly fast. doing a second post because this night is just plain emo and I had to find an avenue to get out of this rut and go to bed feeling alright.


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