another busy weekend

it’s pouring and it’s hard not to feel sleepy. im trying to fight the urge to take a nap! so just a quick one before i start on my work. this weekend is not different from any other weekend, filled with church activities. but actually, i rather be busy with church things than something else. well, of course at times i wish i could be having a RELAXING lunch with my family etc, but being busy with God’s work cannot be any more fulfilling.

this week started good when something encouraging happened. but into the week, i forgot about God’s goodness. thankfully, there is always cell/church to bring me back into focus. it’s the season when everyone is knee deep in their work, yet when i see people still make an effort to come for cell and also serve as fervently, i know i am not alone. God is good, He encouraged me through the  worship that i led. my preparation was as minimal as it could have gotten. but i prayed that God would take over and lead instead of me. im not the most qualified singer/worship leader out there. and indeed, God moved through the youths. i could not see it for myself because most of the time, my eyes were closed and my purpose on stage is not to see how many people worship. but i was very touched by the feedback. i didnt do ANYTHING. it was all God’s hand at work. it is then i realize again, that God can do whatever He deems fit even without us.

let’s make this week a productive one (:

HAHAH. my dogs just sneaked into the house and sat by the door because it’s raining heavily. my mom tried to chase them out and Rusty buried his face behind Bandon. HAHAHA.  dont dare to look at my mom.. lolllll


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