it’s amazing how so much can happen in a week. wait. i mean a day. things just change 180 degrees. and you are just caught in the situation. im thankful that i can say quite confidently for myself that i learn and adept pretty quickly. so i have been able to survive the past week. or somewhat.

before i know it, exams are less than 3 weeks away. am i prepared. far from it. the last thing on my mind now are exams. there are far more important things to deal with at this moment. it’s all about priorities once again. i cant say my exams are more important than my family can i? haha. it’s a tough choice. i just pray that in this Holy week, i can learn to be truly Holy. and also that God will pave a way for me, somehow.

this week, i also got my FIRST SUMMON EVER. and it was a hefty one at that. a good $100. i dont even want to get started on that. but BOTH aaron and i got the same summon as we both drove. $200 CAN FEED BANDON AND RUSTY FOR 2 MONTHS! *faints* Ive got no choice but to take it in my stride. lol.

today, i also changed a surgical dressing for the first time. lol. it was fun and super awesome if you are OCD about germs/contamination. because u can be super careful about the sterilized items etc. HAHAHA. i shall continue to hone my dressing skills in the next few days. and also, to practice one or two tasks as instructed by the physiotherapist for my mom. HAHA. actually, being in the medical field is extremely fascinating. and it’s an extremely noble job. a small part of me wish i were a nurse. lol. alright. enough of that.

time to view some lecture recordings. hmm..


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