I really want to keep up with my weak faith in God. It’s frustrating and tiring to want to make it right with God and at the same time, my doubts keep shadowing me.so much struggle within myself.

I didn’t study too well today.im afraid it might be too late.esp for the semiconductor paper on Saturday.who am I kidding man.seriously.i just feel like breaking down.but I’m thankful that I’m holding up. I just wish I were in a dream so that when I wake up there would actually be time to study.

Okay.i shall not entertain anymore of these negative thoughts.focus on resting and the revision tmr.semicon I will overcome u! God help me!

So many things to do after exams.pray that I will have the time too.eeps.the only thing that keeps me going right now is God.i really don’t have anything else to hold on to.

Thankful that my dogs make me smile every single day without fail.
Thankful for Aaron for walking/running doggies this afternoon.


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