they make me smile everyday

cute Bandon (:
for days i have been trying to figure out how to frame my photos and post them on instagram. and having downloaded picstitch, all my framed photo collages can be square (: whee. had tuition in the morning and sent my mom for physiotherapy in the evening. the physiotherapist says i can be a good physiotherapist i think from the way i correct my mom’s exercises. lol. i think he was just being nice. but i think being a physiotherapist is rather cool. you patients are at your mercy. haha. also, i have been eating WAY TOO MUCH. and also getting addicted to food that i shouldnt be.

  1. block 265 fishball noodles. i got ‘addicted’ to it during the week of exams when i would drive to go eat that for lunch before my exams. so i ate that for 3 straight days until the aunty knew what i wanted to order. tho i always vary my noodles. but it’s cool cos i can choose to have a mixture of ingredients, or just fishballs and meatballs alone. this isnt the first time i am eating noodles from this stall. usually my parents ta pao for me. but eating there is just so much more AWESOME. it’s not magical noodles or anything. but it’s $2.50 and they make it the way i like. simple. nothing fancy.
  2. mcdonalds spicy nuggets. nuff’ said. best things from mcdonalds. but i know they’re bad so i shall stay away (tho i know they are available for a limited time only) once, i asked my dad to buy spicy nuggets for me. and i was SOOOOO LOOKING FORWARD  to him coming back. only to find he bought the normal nuggets ))))))))))): haha. but the next day aaron bought them to surprise me. hahahaha
  3. chee cheong fun. okay. this, is really unexpected. because i actually dislike chee cheong fun and chee queh because i used to eat them so often when i was young until i detest them 😡 butttt….. my mom has been eating it so often and im the one who always buy them for her. so one day, she gave me a portion. and i was sold. hahahaha. how come so nice one? lol. i only eat with oil and soya sauce. i never eat it with the sweet sauce because i hate sweet things with my food. fact.
  4. salmon. i love pan fried salmon. easiest thing to make and so yummy.
i have been eating way too much. i need to go back to my fish noodle soup diet now. actually it wasnt even a diet. i just love fish noodle soup. okay, i need to go look through my slides for DIP tmr. it’s finally coming to an end. my group is so super slack compared to the other groups. lollll.
my sister and dad are coming home soon! i cant wait to see what bernice bought for meeeeeeeee ^^



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