bernice is back!


it’s such a humid afternoon >.< cant take it!!! ahh. anyway, it’s just another slack day. just dropped rusty off at k9 kulture this morning. was supposed to go earlier but i just couldnt wake up because i spent a good 2 hours trying to fill up some visa application form online last night. it was really time consuming. hope rusty learns something there (:

yesterday was bandon’s turn in school. i was surprised that he didnt pick a fight with the other dogs like he normally would. they even brought him to swim. lol. how cute. he looked like he really enjoyed himself. and rusty was really sad yesterday without bandon around. hahaha.

bernice came back yesterday and bought them a burger soft toy. sadly, it was destroyed within a day. they managed to tear the fabric and pull all the stuffing out. hahaha. cute toys are not for them. they need tough durable toys. oh yes. and bernice bought a WHOLE LOAD of products from LUSH. i ❤ LUSH FOREVERRR. maybe i should do a haul. lol. and LUSH UK is sooo cheap! O.O

alright. im too tired to type anymore. off to bum around more.


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