it’s time for an update!

sorry guys, i have neglected my blog. hehe. too much has been going on the past few weeks since my exams ended. results were out etc, busy with gathering stuff for my trip and the list goes on..

so here i am, 1 day away from going off the US.. the feeling is kinda weird. it doesnt feel like i will be away for 2 months. i hope that isnt a bad thing.

but anyway, i went to gather more stuff for my trip today. bought a new luggage and A NEW CAMERA! i finally have a camera i can call my own. i dont normally like to take that many pictures as others do. but i am so glad to own one. best of all, it’s PINK! like soft pink. i love ittttttt(:

have been sleeping at crazing timings lately, esp last night. i barely slept because my dogs just came back from surgery and i could tell they were in pain. there were many moments they would just stand and freeze for long periods of time. i could tell they were so so tired and sleepy but they just didnt want to move and lie down. it was so sad! ): and on top of that, they kept “crying” and whining. ahhh. haha. so i slept in the living room to make sure that they were alright. also because they had e-collars on and were not used to it. so they kept banging into walls etc.

i am dead tired now. hopefully gnna go change my phone and also, cut my hair tmr.. and finish packing my luggage.. oh’s gnna be a mad rush again.. i’ll definitely be blogging here more when im in the US,  to keep you guys updated. i am very excited for my trip but right now, i have been so busy with everything that i just want to chill and do NOTHING!!! haha. alright. hopefully my next post would be when im in NEW YORK CITYYYYY!!!


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