Tthe city that never sleeps

it’s day 3 here in New York and things have been great (: we spent yesterday walking around Manhattan to just explore the area and get familiarized with the subway system.

New York is pretty much what i expected it to be. busy and full of life. it still doesnt feel real that i am in New York. after watching countless movies like The Avengers, Spiderman etc etc, u finally get to see it in person. it’s amazing, i cant even believe it. Times Square was so amazing. we didnt get to explore the whole of it ytd but it is really spectacular with all the HUGE screens. will take more photos and videos of that place over the next few days. The Grand Central station was mind-blowing! it deserves having the word Grand in it’s name. hahaha. my most vivid memory of Grand Central station was in the movie Arthur where Russell Brand took a girl on a date in the station with just themselves and trampoline performers at the side. it was so darn romantic. lollll. but of course, it was real bustling when we were there. the amazing thing about New York is that every corner has it’s own surprises. or rather, we didnt have a proper map and just walked around randomly. lol.

Food wise, it hasnt been too bad. just that my first proper dinner was SO SALT LADEN I FELT MY HEART DIE A LITTLE. gawd. i can only recall the taste in my mouth :X we ate at the Red Lobster, which apparently is pretty well know. well know for salt i say! anyway, hope to go to the Shake Shack today after watching in on vlogs in Youtube. please blow me away with your milkshakes!!!!! i also had my first Chipotle experience. it was pretty good! just a huge buritto with rice (?!), chicken ( 😀 ), salsa, cheese, sour cream etc. cant wait to try the salad. nomnom. my aunt was right. eating in America can be pretty cost effective. so far we have been sharing our food and it’s been more than enough for every meal. lol.

it’s actually 6:48am right now and it’s super bright outside already. my friends are still sleeping. gnna head out and use our New York passes today (: it was raining yesterday and we were kinda caught off guard. hope we’ll get nice weather today! i cant wait to go to Central Park!

we got a local data plan and nothing beats sweet sweet internet when u are overseas. hhehehhe. the feeling is awesome(: now i can feel closer to home. lol.

in the mean time, i am eye-ing on what to eat for my first Asian meal in America. haha


we’re paying SDG$210 per night for a hotel in Brooklyn which isnt the most fancy. but the beds are pretty awesome (:
After what seemed like forever, we finally landed in NYC. it was a good 24 hours of travelling. i shudder at that thought.



One thought on “Tthe city that never sleeps

  1. Amelia, hope you got the chance to visit us at Shake Shack while you were in NYC! If you did, what’d you think?

    Our team can’t wait to see you the next time you’re in the city!

    -Brandy, Shake Shack

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