On a train

im currently on a train heading towards Washington DC. the Amtrak train is pretty comfy. we were delayed in Philadelphia for a good 1 hours plus due to some track fault and we had to disembark the train to board another one. 3 girls having to lug 4 suitcases is a real nightmare >< talking about suitcases. i hardly have any space left. i need to think of a solution fast!

so the past few days in NYC have been pretty good, but we have been getting lesser and lesser sleep as the night goes. lol. but last night, we had Grimaldi’s oven baked pizza for dinner. it was pretty good! except that i thought since i love olives, i should add them to our pizza. but the olives were beyond salty!!! but other than that, it was pretty good. and i enjoyed eating pizza like an american, which is to fold it in half and eat it, more like a sandwich. and i must say it tasted pretty good! talking about food, i was starting to get hungry and there isnt a cafe on this other train we boarded, but guess what! i found a huge banana i forgot about that i put in my bag this morning! hahaha! yay! but even so, i get hungry every 2-3 hours while my friends stay full for so long ): oh wells. haha.

so yesterday we wanted to catch a Broadway show. and tickets sell at 40-50% off most shows if u buy them on the day itself. however, the show that we intended to catch, The Lion King isnt part of the discounted tickets. so tickets were at $155 when other shows like Mamma Mia etc were at $60. so we um-ed and ah-ed about it. and then they told us there were single tickets for Mamma Mia selling at $99. so we went for that instead. haha. and we were right up in front! watching The Lion King for the second time, i’ld say the Singapore version was so much better. but either way, it was a good experience. you cant really say you have gone to NY without catching a broadway show (:

photos up next!


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