More photos from my phone.


My dinner today. Was gonna go for the salmon but everyone in the line was ordering the London Broil so I decided to go for it. And it was a great choice! Sides were mac and cheese and beans. Finally get to try mac and cheese in USA. Seems like it is a staple in most kids meals. Haha.


My souvenir from Disneyland. I bought it cos it smells like strawberries just like in the Toy Story movie(: I am totally eying the mickey mouse bowl and cup.but sadly, I know deep in my heart that my luggage is on the verge of exceeding the weight limit for my upcoming flight to so so sad): I NEED MORE SPACE AND WEIGHT ALLOWANCE! both my friends have bought one large luggage each but I can’t because I came with one large and one small): and both are check in so I can’t buy a new luggage):


Took pictures of the castle at the Magic Kingdom as it changed colour.


This seeming harmless slide that u see in this screen shot is a good 7 storey slide that is one way down. Joy and I climbed all the way to the top and were seriously shaking (from the wind I assure u) and we were tempted to turn our heads back down the stairs. But I thought heck. Just do it. The first 1 sec of the drop was crazy. Its about a 90 degree drop. Madness.but we survived. Wet and Wild was awesome. Loved the rides. Way better than Wild Wild Wet. Lol. Would definitely go back.


Best ride I’ve ever been on in my life! I totally loved every minute of it. I am not a harry potter fan.but honestly, awesome ride. Period.won’t spoil it for those who haven’t been on it.


My first Asian meal in the USA and it was pretty darn good. It was in Washington DC and we were there for only 2 days plus. We only had one day of sight seeing. Unfortunately, gastric struck me and I left my friends to head back to the hotel cos in DC, u have to walk everywhere. And the sun that day was just merciless. So I made the choice to head back. Asked my friends to buy me food from this Chinese takeaway place near our hotel. Chicken with broccoli and rice. It was real yummy. Plus I haven’t had rice for 10 days and it sure tasted good.


Splurged on my first pair of Tory Burch shoes. I’m just afraid to wear them out in case I ruin them. I did set my eye on a pair of leopard print ones from Steven madden that were $39.99. But after I saw this, it was like the best of both worlds. Premium outlet shopping was amazing. All girls have to go there once in your life. People bring luggages there to shop. It’s that exaggerated. Lol. No pictures of the shops cos my hands were full.


I also bought a wand for Aaron. Lol. Never thought I would buy an actual wand. They’re pretty cool but u can’t even use it! Haha. The shop was cool tho.


There’s a photo of minnie. U have to queue for at least 40 mins to take photos with these characters. I’m still considering whether it’s worth it….


The Castle at Magic Kingdom.

The past week or so have been spent in Orlando which I think is really worth a visit. There are so many theme parks! I really wanna go to Sea World the next time I come back. Which I hope I will. Currently I am in Disneyworld. And I am so certain it’s so big that it’s like the size of jurong. In disneyworld itself there are countless number of hotels and 4 themeparks and 2 water parks and 1 downtown area. So basically u are cooped in disneyworld where they suck all your money. Hahaha. But I don’t think all the theme parks in disneyworld are worth it considering the crowds and the lines. Unless you really want to give ALL the themeparks a try. And of course. One can only eat so many overpriced themepark meals.

Ending off the post with a picture of Rusty that Aaron sent me. They have grown so much bigger and I miss them to bits! But Rusty’s skin is still patchy ):

Alright. Time to rest for YET another theme park tmr. I am sick of theme parks to be honest. I can’t wait to go to LA and settle down (:

Hope the size of the photos turn out well cos I’m blogging from my phone.



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