almost a week

it’s been almost a week since we’ve been there in LA. havent gotten to see much of LA tho. been just hanging out in the Westwood area, which pretty much is also part of UCLA. the campus is just amazing. it’s so beautiful and you dont feel like you’re in a school. people just lie on the grass and take a nap. if u do that in singapore people probably think you are mad.

so it’s friday morning right now at 1:40pm. we have to wake up pretty early to go to vegas tmr with a huge bunch of friends. im pretty excited (: we are going to vegas as well as grand canyon.

wanted to blog abit about our cooking adventures. it’s been so fun cooking in the apartment. partly because i prefer to do the cooking and not the washing. the other day my housemate made pancakes and it was simply awesome. i totally loved it. i am not a pancake person normally. today, i cooked chicken with potatoes, carrots, broccoli and brussel sprouts (ew..) and it turned out pretty good! im proud of myself. haha. and we had stir fried beef which was on 50% off. too awesome. lol. haha. thinking of other things to cook. our apartment is pretty great. we even have a bbq pit and jacuzzi on the rooftop. also a pool and a fitness center.

alright. i think i better go get some rest (: in the meantime, im uploading more vlogs from orlando. haha. i am a noob at video editing, i dont really know how to compile them etc. haha. alright

happy 3.5 years to aaron and i ❤


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