Burgers review!


Burger comparison!!! Shake shack burger above and the all famous In-N-Out burger. Sorry I don’t have a more appetizing photo of shake shack’s burger. But we had Shake Shack in New York in Madison Square park in the evening. It was such awesome atmosphere!!! We ordered cheese fries. But I think the normal ones taste good as well. Shake Shack is famous for their custard shakes. They were pretty gud.


Here’s the double double burger from In-N-Out


Patties are made fresh! The fries are freshly cut. Not cooked from frozen fries.



Personally, I dIdnt like their fries the first time I had them. But the second time I had them, it was pretty good.

Verdict, shake shack burgers win! I think they were more juicy even tho there was only one patty. Yum.

How about a cheesecake review next?


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