Right now I’m feeling thankful that I got to come on this trip to the USA. I would most likely never get a chance like this in the future.thankful for my parents who allowed me and funded me to go on this trip.

1 of my housemates left for Singapore today. So we’re down to 5! So sad! We had sort of a bbq last night at our apartment. First time having a BBQ in the cold. Must say it was quite an experience. Haha



This was a question that was posed to us for our quiz yesterday as sort of a replacement because the quiz papers were not printed apparently Haha. This was a legit question ok! There was really an earthquake! And I felt it! I had my eyemask on and was ready to sleep when I felt the bed shake and heard the blinds move..I thought it was my friend who was climbing onto the bed as sometimes when she does that the bed shakes. I removed my eye mask but she was not there! She was outside. Haha..but joy felt it too cos we were in the same room. But everyone else in the house didn’t feel it! But at that time we didnt know it was an earthquake until we saw this question the next day. Hahaha


Bought a pair of shoes after school yesterday. Almost bought another pair. Phew. Aren’t these shoes amazing? haha. And they were $33 only! Haha. I say only as if they were dirt cheap. But I must say it was a pretty good buy. But I have to try make the best out of this purchase.


6 parking offences we got. Haha. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Parking here is a huge pain in the butt. We usually rent cars over the weekend but we didn’t buy the monthly parking at our apartment. So all these parking summons were because we parked on the wrong side of the road on the wrong day! It was an honest mistake! We even got 3 tickets in a span of 2 days! Very costly mistake..


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