On a train… again

Blogging from the Amtrak again towards Yosemite National Park! I’m pretty excited. We’re in San Francisco for the weekend even though exams are next week. Lol. Haha.

We took the greyhound bus from LA over here. It was only $2 for a two way trip. Cheap right! There was a deal.

We spent yesterday traveling the main places of san Francisco. We went to the golden gate bridge, Lombard street, fisherman’s warf and Chinatown. We originally wanted to rent a car to get around. But thankfully we didn’t. Cos that would mean that our drivers would be more tired and we would have to constantly look for parking. The houses in san Francisco are so beautiful! Each of them have their own character.


The golden gate bridge! The weather was pretty odd. One moment the bridge would be covered in clouds the other it would be clear and sunny. Partly because it was rather windy. The bridge was much smaller than I had expected
The bay bridge is actually much longer than the golden gate. But nevertheless, it was great to be there in person after seeing it books and movies.


Lombard street. One of the steepest streets. We actually climbed to the top of the hill and and the end of it was a steep downslope.


The crookedest street in the world! It’s actually much smaller in real life. And there are houses at the side of the road. The road is so steep that they had to build this street. It’s really quite pretty cos they planted many nice flowers there


Next up, Fisherman’s Warf! What more to have Seafood!


Crab. This was pretty good. The crabs are smaller than those we eat in Singapore.


Smoked Salmon linguine.


Cable car time! It was really quite cool to take the cable car and stand at the edge of the car. We took it in the evening and it was really cold!! Plus the cable car was moving after quite a speed so it was even colder! Lol


We ended up in Chinatown rather late. So…. all the nice dim sum stalls were closed. And we ended up here. At this buffet thingies. It was cheap no doubt. But…. err.. it wasn’t a good dinner let’s just say. Haha


Our hotel (:

Ok. Gonna take a nap on the train.


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