Mission Beach in San Diego on a cold morning.


At the Shamu show in SeaWorld San Diego


Drenched after the show because the whales splashed copious amounts of water on us!


San Diego Zoo!


The Birthday Boy!!!


Dinner at The Cheesecake Factory


with Carine


the classic Oreo cheesecake ^^ they came up with a new one, SUPER AWESOME, with a lot more chocolate innit

we went to San Diego a few weekends back, it’s about a 3 hour drive there from LA. we left on a Friday and came back Saturday night. so this was a pretty short trip. prior to that, we celebrated one of my housemate, Weida’s birthday on thursday. we surprised him home with a mini party. it was fun ^^ but after the party, the guys brought him out to drink and it just turned ugly after that. haha. they were dead drunk.lol. so anyway, we went to the San Diego Zoo on Friday and then headed to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. yumssss. the Cheesecake Factory serves really good mains. and it’s rather affordable for restaurant food. woohoo. the next day we went to Mission Beach in the morning. it was rather early in the morning so it wasnt as sunny and beautiful. rather, it was gloomy, windy and cold. haha. so next, we headed to Seaworld San Diego. it was fun!!! a little rushed tho. but we managed to watch most of the shows there. except that we queued for an hour to sit on this Wet Ride that got us COMPLETELY drenched. didnt help that some of us were in JEANS thankyouverymuch. HHAHAHA. we also had to F1 home because we had to return the car in time (: yay for travelling on weekends!


The guys


The Superman ride and the Drop of Doom beside it

i skipped both the rides. haha. dont ask me why. i just didnt wnna.

The brave girlies!

for some reason, i am looking rather tanned here. tanned is good. haha


before our day started!



i conquered Six Flags!

well, sort of… haha. but anyway, Six Flags was really full of thrill rides. no kidding. haha. i didnt take some of the rides towards the end because i didnt want to me pushing myself too hard. but honestly, i dont think thrill rides are my kinda thing. lollll. haha. it was still a nice day with my friends ^^ im happy to survive Six Flags. whee.







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