back in singapore

so yes, i am back! haha. back to reality. back to the humid weather, back to school, back to church! haha. it felt rather surreal to be back. and to be honest, i did wish i were back in the USA. haha.

but now that it’s been a few days, i realize that this is where i am meant to be to fulfill my responsibilities. haha. school has started and i am finally year 3! i am so thankful to have made it through year 2 sem 2 and being able to pass all my modules. i have learnt to be thankful for such things in life, especial things that i do not deserve.

i hope to be able to catch up with some of my USA posts (: i do miss singapore food. but at the same time, trying to lose the burgers that i ate in the US. harhar. all in all, this trip has been great and i am thankful to have made a good bunch of friends ^^ can’t wait for our upcoming gathering. woohoo!

i attended Julia’s 21st birthday party at The Botanical Gardens on Sunday with the churches. it was great to see everyone^^ Aaron and i brought Bandon and Rusty. haha. they are still hard to handle at times. i believe every owner always hopes for obedient dogs. lol. they just have too much energy! but at least they are happy and healthy. yay. speaking of birthdays, i am considering celebrating my birthday too. but problem is i don’t know how to go about planning a party. i can imagine it’s going be a huge headache. ekes. hmm.. i shall look for inspiration and ideas really soon. all i know i i want to have indian food for my party. HHAHAHAHAH. random but yes.  do want to have indian food ^^

having a 630-930pm lecture later. boo.


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