it’s a beautiful saturday morning (:

i was just watching a few videos last night on how this Youtuber made Youtube her job. if you guys don’t know. i do watch A LOT of youtube. youtube is like my form of television. i usually watch beauty videos and recently, cooking videos! especially the ones are that are super simple, easy and fast. so the other day, i watched a video from the youtube channel, Sorted. there are a bunch of British guys who make quality cooking videos. i watched one and i was hooked. i think that night i watched tens of videos with my sister, who enjoys baking a lot more than i do. haha. so anyway, i think i will do a post to recommend some youtube channels to subscribe to soon ^^ ditch the tv! watch youtube! there are so much more variety and content on the internet than the black box! i think best part is you can pause as and when you like and also, no annoying advertisements in the middle of your show!.lol. i enjoy catching up on youtube during my lunch break plus my awesome S3 which has a pretty big screen that has HQ and allows me to watch my videos with much yay. haha. 

so anyway, i have been thinking of getting a job now that i am back from the US and also my tuition gig has also been called off. i have been itching to work at an ice cream shop because i like interacting with customers and i think it seems like a fun job in general. also, i don’t mind cleaning etc. but yesterday, after visiting a rather popular ice cream joint in the west, i thought twice. because the staff was RUDE. i mean yes, it’s a friday night and it’s crowded. but u don’t have to slam plates on the table and give rude answers right? poor attitude. just don’t work for these kinda jobs thank you. you are doing the world a favor. i think in terms of the service industry, the Westerners do it much better. back there, i would say thank you after i purchase something before i leave a shop and the staff would usually reply cheerfully. over here…. errrrr… i think after a few times of being ignored i also don’t feel like saying thank you. oh wells. anyway, so yea. rude staff, definitely a no. boo. also had another unpleasant experience at bukit timah at one of the eating places. just plain BAD. ok. enough of complaining. as i was saying i wanted to earn money. and you guys can actually help me do that! wait. scratch that. YOU guys can earn money together with me too! i found out that through and, you can get paid just for tweeting/posting a Facebook message! no kidding! 

click here to check it out! 


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