USA photo update!

sorry for the lack up posts! the internet in my house refuses to work for my laptop. how annoying. it’s currently working after a change of modem. but who knows when it’ll choose to stop working again. bah. anyway, i think i shall attempt to upload some more photos from my US trip ^^ it’s been almost a month since ive come back! how time flies!

Jasper and I. He’s one of my housemates. joy, huiping and i stayed with 3 other guys in an apartment.



we visited Universal Studios Hollywood on one of the Fridays. we bought the discounted student tickets from school to go there. and we wore our “House Shirt”! haha. yea. we all bought the same UCLA shirt to wear. above is a photo i took with the girls. the other girl in the light blue shirt is kuan yee. she’s also from NTU (: she’s a super funny and nice girl. also known as the midvale scavenger. she always comes to our house to join us for meals. haha. she has really weird obsessions like with Pikachu, quirky stuffed toys and seaweed. she is also a shopoholic. haha


the 2 guys in our apartment. Weida and Jasper ^^. they were so tired that day esp Weida. mostly due to the last of sleep on our late nights. haha. we went on the Transformers Ride. exactly the same as in Singapore. lalalala. anyway, Universal Studios Hollywood (USH) is really quite small. The Jurassic Park, The Mummy and the Transformers ride were all one small area. if u compare it to USS where the rides are pretty spread out. but i think it’s because USH is the first Universal Studios which explains why it’s smaller. also, there is a large area where to do alot of filming for movies. we went on a 1hr tour that would bring you to some of the scenes where the filmed one of the most famous movies in history. alot of the movies/dramas are actually filmed in USH itself. if you guys are familiar with The Desperate Housewives, the actual street that the housewives lived on is an actual set they built at USH. we actually visited it. pretty cool stuff.

next up, little Tokyo! little Tokyo is a small area in LA for the.. well.. Japanese i suppose. haha. it’s really quite small but we paid it a visit one of the weekends.

Imagethe Chuas. weida and joy. haha. their siblings are good friends. that day, the girls wore tube tops from Hollister and Abercromobie, which i can tell u why i regretted wearing in a short while. haha.

Imagewith kuan yee and jasper. kuan yee didnt know of our themed dressing for the girls cos she doenst stay with us (: im looking super tanned here. haha

Imagewe had ramen! of course right? haha. in little tokyo. haha. the ramen was pretty guuuuud. but after we ate, we girls were SERIOUSLY EXPLODING in our outfits ): the material is not forgiving at all. lol. after the noodles expanded in my stomach i seriously thought i was going to explode. hahaha.


while waiting for our turn…

anyway, next location!

this was our second last day in the US. we headed to the beach again! surprise surprise! haha. this time, we were planning to head to the all famous Malibu beach. but we ended up at Point Dume beach. lol. but actually it refers to the same thing la. it’s the same long stretch of sandy beaches and glorious sun. the beaches in LA during the summer time are really super awesome. you get the best of both worlds. there is the sunny sun, which you cannot miss while in Southern California, but then there is the awesome sea breeze, which is great because the wind is so cooling that at times u even feel cold! hard to describe but it beats Singapore’s beaches four limbs down! haha. that afternoon that we were there, it was a weekday so it was relatively quiet and very nice to relax. some of us opted to sleep (trust me it’s awesome) which the rest were more keen on playing sports. in the end, we had to compromise and play with them! which resulted in me being breathless after running in the sand for a mere 5 mins. this is what excessive pigging out does to you. about 2/3 weeks prior to that, i actually exercised and went to the gym. but after that, it was just stuffing my face with food  ): bad bad bad. lol. anyway, it was just a nice afternoon in general ^^ i miss the beaches!!!



this was at LAX on the day of our departure.. *super sad face* our friends actually came to send us off cos they were leaving 2 days later.this was all the luggages huiping, joy and i got. we had to drive 2 cars to bring all our luggages to the airport.just 3 girls. lol hahaha. and there is joy in the background parading in her sky high shoes. haha. want to know why she wore those crazy shoes the airport? because we were running out of space AND weight allowances. so no choice. the 2 girls wore the shoes to the airport while having to lug the heavy bags. haha. but they changed to slippers after the check-in anyway. haha. ps. we all bought the same pair of shoes. they arent the most practical. but they were only $33. and for Steven Madden knock-offs, i’ld say they were a pretty good buy. but let’s see how much wear i’ld get out of these. hahaha


at Dubai International Airport waiting to board our plane after a 7 hour transit that we spent sleeping. haha. i dreamt that someone stole our bags while we were sleeping. haha. i was that paranoid. lol. somehow we were still looking rather fresh after a 15 hour flight before that. i think i slept quite a lot on the way back. not bad. haha. Imageour last photo before saying our goodbyes after seeing each other everyday for 2 months! haha.

yay. i managed to churn out a long post! totally sucking up as much internet as i can now. i hardly ever turn on my laptop now a days. lol. haha.

ok last photo with huiping at the ramen shop before we almost exploded from too much Ramen. lol.


oh yea. im also uploading a new vlog right now. it’s another 200 minutes more -.- i hope Aaron can help me edit the rest of the vlogs with his mac. hehe. ALSO, want to congratulate Aaron for winning BEST DRESSED for this Teachers’ Day Dinner. HAHHAHAHAHHA. yayyyyyyyy. he spent $120 on his outfit and also MADE AN APPOINTMENT TO GET HIS HAIR DONE just for today. can you guys believe it? HAHAHA. so much dedicatiooonnnnn to suit the theme, which was retro btw. haha. woohoo!

ok. sorry, another photo because the photo uploaded decides to be funny and im lazy to shift the up. haha.the boysssss happy to have foood ^^



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