recess weeeeek! (and my new health kick)

hello. it’s recess week! it hasnt been too bad so far. have got some revision for my tests next week done. but more importantly, i have been getting some exercise done. which i have been pretty thankful for. yay. currently training for my 10km run. it hasnt been easy to bring myself to run almost everyday, but it’s been pretty good. i dont really push myself that hard on my runs, i just try my best. sometimes, i bring my dogs along on my run which makes it even harder because they still pull and tug sometimes. and walking a dog takes up a lot of your mental and physical energy, must less to run with them. haha. so im still trying to work on that.

i have been trying to eat a lot healthier recently too. but it’s not easy of course. being in Singapore, food are aplenty. but i am thankful for a better knowledge of nutrition so i can make better food choices. as of now, i am making some of these changes to my diet.

  1. drink a lot of water. having a nice water bottle helps! and bringing it along with you everywhere
  2. no/little carbs at night. my family knows this best. i eat one spoonful of rice for dinner (if i eat at home). but my weakness is potatoes.last week for dinner i cut up some potato slices and threw them into the oven to bake with cayenne pepper, salt and pepper and they tasted awesome. i also boiled potatoes when i made meatballs *guilty* i am also trying to stay away from the “Singaporean breakfast”. like fried bee hoon, fishball noodles, prata, wanton noodles.. no doubt i enjoy these food. but sometimes it is just too much! plus it makes me feel sleepy in lectures after i eat such a heavy meal. plus the carbs….
  3. as little sugar as possible. i think im doing pretty ok in this area. of course, no fizzy drinks. i dont even like them. i used to like ice lemon tea but in recent months, i havent really drank any. i dont drink any of those carton fruit juices as well. i think they taste artificial. if i feel like having some juice, i’ld usually go for freshly squeezed orange juice in school. my weakness if green tea. the packet ones. haha. i know there’s still a substantial amount of sugar in them so im trying to curb that. also, i have been studying at coffee bean for a couple of days and i request for less sweetener in my drinks. of course, no sweets as much as possible. try to go for natural sugars! like fruit or make some yogurt. not my ultimate fav though.
  4. drinking hot green tea. my fav. yey. green tea has loads of health benefits and im thankful i enjoy drinking green tea. it also helps me relax at the end of the day ^^

one more thing that i feel has helped/is helping my new health kick is instagram. (say whutttt??) yes. haha. i have been following some people on instagram that has really motivated me to be healthier/lead a better life in general. if u guys are interested, you can search up these hash tags on instagram #motivation #eatclean etc etc. u can find tonnes of people who are trying to be healthy/fit! haha. im sure u will feel egged on to be healthier. haha. im not saying i am a health freak, but i try to eat better in general whenever possible. of course, we all need some cheat days once in a while, but dont go overboard. hahaha.

i suppose the REASON why i am going on this health kick is that i realized that complaining about the way that i look and my poor fitness isnt going to get me anywhere, unless i get up and do something about it. i wont let this be a phase in my life, but i am trying to change my whole lifestyle. i wont beat myself up for eating something unhealthy once in awhile or force myself eat fruits for lunch everyday, but i will strive to achieve a healthier, fitter and happier me (: wish me luck guys!

stay healthy and happy everyone ^^

also, i updated my other blog about my birthday celebration. photos!

AND. u can ask me questions on formspring


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