Just feeling a sudden bout of lonliness. I am literally talking to myelf in my head.

I just wnna get this exams done so that i can just sit down and think about the next step to take in life.

At times i feel really aimless. But i know i need to shake myself out of it. Fake confidence till you find that confidence in you.

Why is life so hectic sometimes. I really miss life in the US. Life was good. I could lead my life pretty much the way i wanted to. It’s tough now. But i know it’s a lot tougher then it seems. I just want to be focused in life. Be logical. Be realistic. After all i am an engineer. U are trained tk think what works and what doesnt.

But when it comes to emotions, sometimes there is just no explaination. Right now i am feeling lonely, sad, anger, desperation and frustration all rolled into one. Maybe it is satan trying to get a grip on me.but i know my God is greater than that. And life was made to see the goodness of God. I really want to experience the fullness of it. Maybe this is indeed what i really need in life. To shake me up from my slumber. But i am not ready.my heart isnt. I need some space and some time.

It will get better in time Amelia. Maybe you deserve better. Just maybe. For now.


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