Peace is all i need

I was questioning and questioning God. Why God? Why? But as i scrolled through my old posts. I have a glimpse of why all these are happening to me now. It’s clearer.

I have been so distant from God the past year. Further than i have ever been. I kept telling myself, telling God that i want to get closer to Him.month after month, that never happened. And now this big thing happens in my life. I need this. We needed this. Now i remember why this had to happen. I need this so much to happen to shake me up. To leave me with almost nothing so that i can open my eyes to see the goodness of God. God’s majesty is unimaginable. You can never get enough of me. It is all around u. But until it happens to u, u will not be convinced. I will continue to be patient.

Now after the turmoil i felt earlier on, i feel peace within me. Thank You Jesus.


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