it’s towards the end


i am almost done with my exams just 2 more papers to go! for now, i am just so jaded of studying man. it’s so dead boring. i just wnna get it done with. 

i am thinking of running a half marathon next year. i want to challenge myself. what do you guys think? 

also, i am thinking of doing vlogmas. which is vlogging everyday until christmas. haha. i miss vlogging because the internet at home is just not fast enough to upload videos ): haha. oh wells. maybe i will give it a shot. i also have some vlogs from US that i have yet to upload. heh.

i hope to update my other blog too. hoho. 


craving some Shake Shack burgers right now. wish i could be in this same place in the photo. what can i say? i am in love with the US. i cant wait to be back!


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