yippie! my exams are finally over! phew! it’s been an exhausting month. towards the end, i didnt really care if i was gnna do well for my papers. i just wanted them to end already ): haha. i must say, this period of examination wasnt easy. but in a different way. but do have things to be thankful for as well. for my past examinations in university, i was constantly worried. and that took a toll on faith in God. it really did. i was always very negative and sad ): i always worried that i would not be able to make it/pass. but last semester, God really gave me a breakthough and miracle when i thought i was going to fail AC circuit analysis. but when i passed, i was so overwhelmed. because i remember the night before, i was so desperate. nothing i study could go into my brain. i literally cried out to God. i was so exhausted and stressed. my paper was at 1pm the next day. after being super flustered, i decided to sleep at 2am and wake up at 4am to study. i fell asleep. the next thing i knew when i woke up, it was 10:30am. haha. there was no way i could study. i was then prompted to read the bible. i read chapter after chapter of the book of Psalms. it comforted me in ways i could never imagine. 

so this time, throughout the examination period. i dont remember feeling worried or stressed. and i am thankful for that. God is really good for pulling me through this season of my life. i never thought i would be able to pull through with all that’s going on in my life now. but i did. thank You God

now, i am busy with other things for christmas. i havent have time for myself yet. i hope to be able to do so this week. 


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