life is good

decided to just journal my day…

my day started out rolling in bed till around 11am. and then feeding my two dogs.i then did some house chores o.o washing the muddy dog canvas mat that they soiled during their last dog park visit. swept the driveway. did laundry.

then it was off to westmall to meet jolyn for lunch before her last exam. haha. then i headed home to be there so i can unlock the door for the part-time maid.

then i went to queensway to get my racket restrung and to get new running shoes. woohoo.i managed to buy a pair. it wasnt the one that i wanted initially, but it’s still awesome.a little pricey, but i hope it can motivate me to exercise well this holiday. i can feel excuses coming up. but i will try my best to say NO to them. haha.

after heading home, i hung out with my dogs for awhile, before it started to POUR like mad. my dogs were so scared. haha. they are so cute when they are scared i cant get enough of them. hahaha.then i headed out with jolyn and sharron to Carpenter and Cook. AMAZING FOOD. or maybe i was just hungreeeeeee. the tarts were really good! the quiches were yummy. and the scone was delectable. ahhh. i would want to go back there someday. yummersssssss. then we decided on an impromptu trip to the movies cos Sharron wanted to catch the Life of was so gooooooddd!!! amazing cinematography. somehow Richard Parker reminded me of Bandon. lol.

today was a good day. i am enjoying life after exams. hope tmr will be another productive day ^^ thank God for all His blessings (:

i dont know where this is heading. but i am thankful for every small step You lead me.


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