it’s been good

been enjoying my holidays so far. apart from the fact that i am broke as anything after buying new sports shoes and my dog’s christmas gift. shucks… i cant buy anything else for myself. lol. i have yet to spend my birthday vouchers yet though. haha.i but i need to find them first. lol. 

thank God for every good thing that He has placed in my life the past month. for the friends that have surrounded me, for the small things that make me smile and laugh everyday. of course there are days when i feel down. but i know that God takes it all away in His perfect timing. there is no doubt that i know God loves me and wants the best for me.i just hope that i can make the best decisions in life and be obedient to his calling. 

christmas is just a couple of days away. i know people are busy doing christmas shopping but sadly i cant because i have no money to do so. this year, i dont have anyone special to spend christmas with. but that’s okay. because this year, christmas isnt meant to be about me. it isnt meant to be about me feeling happy or loved. but i know it is about sharing God’s love with others. i know it sounds cheesy. but i am truly thankful for the opportunities that God has given me to serve Him this year. i guess somehow He knew that i needed to occupy my time with these things huh. lol. yea. 

i’ll also be travelling abit at the end of this year. here’s a a promising year ahead! To God be the Glory.


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