it’s just another day

met up with my US housemates today! aka midvale peeps. haha. because we were staying at midvale avenue. haha. i do miss the times that we used to have over there. i think being able to go to USA for summer school was one of the best things that happened to me this year. we gathered at itacho sushi. thanks jasper andhuiping for queueing for more than an hr. we ordered quite a bit. but i think it’s pretty worth it. the food was overall pretty yummy. though i found it funny that the servers only spoke in chinese. 0.0

this weekend is going to be a busy busy one! i pray that God will lead me through smoothly. again, i know that this christmas, the focus isnt on me but on the people around me. i just want to be a tool used by God to bless others. maybe not directly because i cant give any gifts this year as i am broke. but probably indirectly as i spread the christmas joy to the people around me.

havent talked about Bandon and Rusty in awhile. haha. they have been growing still. for the longest time, i have been trying to find a balance in walking them. i have always struggled since day one. even after going through dog training, i still had problems walking them. and trust me, i tried everything i could. spent money on leashes, collars, treats, techniques etc. but i realized that the problem didnt lie in the dogs. the problem lied in me. sad to say but it is true. all along i have been a fan of the dog whisperer. but only more recently have i found truth in his techniques. what has worked the most for me is my emotional energy. most of the time, i dread walking my dogs because i always picture myself having a hard time. and true enough. i always do. pulling, tugging, shouting. sometimes i really lose control of the dogs. there were many times i just want to let go and let my dog run away. sad but true. it was that bad. but in the recent week or so, i learn to really be calm. there are times that i still panic when i walk Bandon along the main road because of his fear of traffic. but my fear for him multiplies his fear of traffic. so i worsen the situation each and every time. but now, i learn to take deep breathes to calm myself down when i am about to approach a difficult situation or when i am about to lose my patience with my dogs. sure, it’s still a slow learning curve, but it has surely helped a lot. having dogs is a lot more tough than i ever imagined. i truly love them like my children and i only want the best for them. next week, when i am away, they will be staying at the daycare/boarding school at k9 kampus. i am thankful that over the past few weeks, they have had improvement in their behaviour and interaction with the handlers and dogs there. i feel happy for them that they are able to interact because i know i am not ready to let my dogs approach other dogs (neither are the owners. hahahha) but i hope that they can learn good social skills there. hehehe. indeed, there are no stupid dogs or dogs that you cant train. only bad owners.

also, i have been dealing with bad acne. BOOHOOHOO. seriously damn sad about it. but there really isnt much i can do. i suppose it is due to the stress that i was facing a month back with exams and everything. sigh fly. i have never had good skin. but anyway, i saw a doctor this week and i hope the medication can save my skin. lol. i try not to be self conscious about it as much as i can. haha. but anyway, i feel that inner beauty, your character says a lot more than you appearance. and i aim to have that inner beauty *flick hair* hahahaha.

enjoy the rest of the year being thankful for what you have (:


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