well, before i knew it, 2012 has passed. it has indeed been one of the most eventful years of my life. i am glad and proud to have survived yet another year. decided to do a recap. not sure how i am going to go about doing it, but here it goes (:

1. studies

i cannot be more thankful for where i am in my studies. i really think my story in university is going to be something that i will remember for the rest of my life. it’s still a story in progress. semester after semester, i am filled with worry, regret, uncertainty. year 2 sem 2 wasnt the best for me. yet, it was a great lesson learnt on faith. i remember crying tears of joy when i received my grades for that semester. because God did the impossible for me. 

of course i managed to get the chance to do Summer Studies in USA. amazing amazing experience. that was one of the best 2 months of my life in 2012. i know i cannot have that experience after i end school. thank God for that. it was so carefree and fun. ^^

year 3 sem 1. i never thought i would make it this far. i really tried my best to work hard and do my best. of course there were ups and downs *cough* bad lab partner *cough* but i pulled through! i really did! my grades improved despite the rough time i had in my personal life. i really thank God for giving me the strength to focus on my exams and not letting me go and showing me that i am actually stronger than i think i am. and with God, He makes things possible. above all, He really taught me to have faith. 

2. church

i think the past year, i have surpassed myself in my service. which is what our walk with God should be like right? im glad i have been given opportunities to serve. because i think a few years down the road, i might not have that kinda time anymore.

-Mc-ing MCI christmas lunch 2012

-dancing/singing for Christmas service. 

-planning the year end retreat 

cant really elaborate on there events, but it wasnt easy. but God made it so interesting and fun in it’s own ways. i never thought i would have the courage to do these things. i am glad i pushed myself. thank You God. 

3. travel

going to the USA was a dream of mine. and i am thankful to have that dream realized so quickly. i thank my parents for allowing me to go there. i know not everyone is as fortunate as me and i really need to be thankful for such a chance to go there without any worry. going to the US really opened my eyes and i really enjoyed myself there thoroughly. getting to know other NTU people was a real fun experience as well. learning to be independent was enjoyable for me as well. i am glad my parents raised me up to know how to take care of myself and not be a spoilt brat. i can cook too! haha. 

korea was amazing. although it’s not my first time there, somehow, the short week long trip made me fall in love with the country. maybe it’s just me missing my holiday (or the korean bois. hehehe). but there is something about their culture and their language that intrigues me. i was kinda sad that i didnt understand their language. but i just felt it was so interesting. makes me wnna learn the language. being able to see snow for the first time in my life was so surreal. the snow covered streets and mountains were so beautiful. i also learned skiing. AND i didnt fall! haha. the tour guide praised me ok! haha. but to be honest he was a great coach. i really wnna go skiing again! study hard and earn money! 

4. relationships

all along, i have never been the kinda person who would put much effort in maintaining relationships with my friends. but this year, as a series of events unfolded, i found myself thankful for the (few) friends i have. few in numbers, but i am thankful that they sincerely care for me. 

of course, i cannot avoid a major event that happened in 2012 with regards to my relationship with Aaron. the past 2 months, i have avoided this topic as much as possible. but i know i cannot delude myself. as i reflected on it before the year ended, i cannot say that i have gotten over it. im still in the process of healing and seeking. for the most part, i have been thinking of how i could have ‘done better’. but either way, God has allowed us split. and i have to learn to accept it. i believe God has better things in store for us. though. i still find it hard to fully understand and accept that this is a part of God’s master plan. i really wonder if the past 4 years has been for nothing. questions and more questions. but no answers. i know i am not in a position to question God.all i can do is the wait.. 


all i all, i rememeber at the start of 2012, i asked God for Faith and to learn to exercise Faith. there were many times my Faith was challenged. but i can confidently say i have learned to have faith in year 2012. and im thankful for that. 

in this new year, i dont really know what i want for myself yet. but here are some things i can come up with at the top of my head

1. to be healthy and fit. still working on that CNY body for cheongsam. HAHAHAHA

2. rest more. sleep earlier. 

3. dig deeper into God’s word

4. be calm and assertive. 

5. be thankful ALWAYS. 

6. stop being so fierce. HAHA. 

either way, 2013 is no different from 2012 if i dont make any changes. so i will try my best and live life to the fullest (: 



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