fact is.

i am not ready to move on. i tried and i thought i moved on. but i was just moving with the flow of things. exams, post-exams, church, christmas. and now that that has died down, i find myself feeling empty and lonesome. i have not gotten over things and i will not rush myself into it. because it will only hurt more. i shall take my time to heal in the right ways. i thank God for His perfect plan. “when you hit rock bottom, the only way is up”. i hope i can use this quote as a reminder for me that all is not lost and there is still love. and someday, i will find that someone who loves me for my flaws and accepts them. not someone who tries to change them yet on the other hand says he loves me for who i am. either way, as much as i wish for someone to be able to show me affection right now, i think God has His other plans. the fact that i am typing this now is just to learn to be more honest with myself. though not many of my friends know about this space, i think being more open will help me to build my character. haha. u guys think so? 


i just came back from Bangkok and might i say, it was a heck of an experience. haha. we literally got cheated everyday in one way or another. lol. why why why. i have this love hate thing for Bangkok. i guess it just teaches me that there is no free lunch in this world. and money makes the world go round. rahh. haha. but the trip there this time really reminded me of the time i went there 3 years ago. with aaron, julia, jialong and joezer. that was really one heck of a time there. not to forget me buying loads of ugly clothes and things i didnt really wear after i came back. lol. i also picked up some korean phrases from my sister’s friend. haha i am quite determined to learn korean. because… haha. nevermind. let’s see how things pan out in the next few months.

anyway, i start my Industrial Attachment next week. haha. the pay/allowance is ridiculous.but i am hopeful that it will be a good semester of learning. i am thankful that i have a semester free from studying after almost non-stop studying in 2012 with the summer session i did in the US. i hope i will not hate working after IA. lol. i have just been thinking of my future recently and what i want to work as.. i dont want to work in an office. but.. in such a society, it’s kinda hard not to. anyway, my friend who is my age is married and just gave birth to her daughter a couple of days ago. and here i am, still in uni and healing a broken heart. how things are so different for different people. God, i entrust my life into Your hands. and im sure u will make it awesome. right? haha

kinda having some sorta stomach flu whatchamacallit. it doenst feel good.. ah well, really hungry but i cant eat! maybe i’ll see a doctor tmr






hehe. this is Bandon with the cat ears Bernice bought from Korea. lol. he just let us put the ears on him and sat there obediently. his personality is really funny sometimes. love him to bits!





the girls i traveled to BKK with. haha. i had to make sure they were safe. haha. now that’s a big responsibility.Image

BKK’s sunset. this was one of the only times i was feeling happy in BKK. the other times i was like. ugh. get me outta here!!!!. BKK, last warning with the scams. really.Image

on one of our few cab rides. i took a picture of the cabbie’s registration thingie incase anything happened to us and someone found my camera wld know who kidnapped us. HAHAH. i was kinda paranoid cos.. nevermind. haha. dont wna mention here. lolImage

on Sunday night we had dinner with Janell’s brother at a restaurant. this was some yummy Taco Pizza we had (:Imagephoto of us taken by Janell’s brother cos he doesnt like taking pictures. haha. Imageyeaaa.. i kinda had a secret mission to take picture of all the dogs i found in Bangkok. heh.but most of them are strays. i doubt most people will find them cute. but i do!Imageerm. the scam dinner that cost us $60. joke. i dont know why we were smiling when we were in the process of being cheated of our money. booImageImageone of the cute pups i saw. but when i approached it to take a photo with it, it just ignored me and walked away. why u no likey me doggy?


i guess these are the photos for now. follow me on instagram @cheeziepeazie for my daily snaps (:



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