we’ re into the second month of the year. wow, that was fast! the past few weeks has been good. i felt that i have learnt and grown so much in the past few weeks. in good ways. and i never thought my eyes would be opened in such ways. attachment has been good for me. i havent got much to do at work though. haha. and my supervisor is away for a good 3 weeks.

since it’s already february,i thought i’d review some of my goals for 2013 that i had set for myself at the start of the year.

1. to be healthy and fit. still working on that CNY body for cheongsam. HAHAHAHA

okay. i have been exercising and im thankful for that. more insanity sessions to come. but i dont think i will be wearing a cheongsam for CNY lah. haha. never got down to getting one. hahaha.

2. rest more. sleep earlier. 

not really working on this sadly. but also because i have been going out with my fwenz at night the past weekend. awesome much please. life without school is indeed GOOD.

3. dig deeper into God’s word

work in progress. but i thank God for His grace and His word that never fails to comfort me in times of distress. the Word has saved me from a few episodes of breakdown. i can say i have been stronger. not weaker.

4. be calm and assertive. 

with regards to my dogs, it hasnt been the best. i always try my very best to walk them everyday after work. but sometimes i am just far to tired and a little less patient with them. will have to work on dis.

5. be thankful ALWAYS. 

i have been this month. and i will learn to be more.

6. stop being so fierce. HAHA. 

hahaha. unfortunately, my intern friends have had a fair share of my fierceness ): hahaha. it’s my way of being comfortable with people ya know! haha. im thankful for my new friends nonetheless.

in this new albeit short month, my goals are

  1. exercise more. 
  2. spend more time with my dogs. bring them to the park
  3. cook/bake
  4. look ahead and not behind.
  5. be less slack at work. hahaha

happy february everyone!


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