random questions

Q1. How often do you exercise?
right now, about 2 times a week. let’s see how long i can keep up with this. haha

Q2. Which animal best describes your best friend?

i dont have any best friends. but my dogs are the best pals i could have!
Q3. Are you a park or beach person?
park (: i do love the beach too. but not in singapore. haha

Q4. What is the one country you want to visit before you pass on?

Brazil! ive never been to south america so i think it would be good to travel there.
Q5.Complete this sentence. Vegetarians are..
good? i think they have strong willpower to go all out of their way to make sure there are no meat in their meals. 

Q6. Poultry or seafood?

seafood! crabs, prawns, scallops ftw ^^

Q7. How many hours of sleep do you get on the average?

6? will try to sleep moooreee

Q8. Most annoying song you’ve heard recently?

 oppa gangnam style no doubt. was in a cab when in bkk and the uncle played a dvd on his dvd player of the gangnam style in various versions. i think i heard it like 7 times in a row. annoying enough? yes. haha


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