March-ing on

Here were my goals last month (:

1. Exercise more
Yessss.  Im glad i can confidently say i have succeeded in this. But i will try to increase my intensity for an upcoming race im taking part with my dad.  Haha. I think being around friends who are into exercising/fitness really helps alot.  Haha.
2. Spend more time with my dogs
I’ve walked them almost everyday.  Which im thankful for. Will try to devote even more time on weekends for them.
3. Cook/bake
Managed to bake Once. been able to cook small simple meals for myself on night i have dinner at home alone. Been relatively healthy in this area too.
4. Look ahead and not behind
The beginning of feb was just crappy. Felt the worst on some of those days. It’s easy to go back to those dark days. But im trying to make a conscious effort to fight for my happiness by trying to forget the past.  I sure dont understand a lot of things still. But im just trying my best to look forward!
5. Be less slack at work.
I succeeded a little. But right now there isnt much to be done. Hopefully the next few weeks will be more interesting?

My goals for the coming month
1. Exercise more. Really need the discipline on weekdays.  And also,  Eat Clean.
2. Clean up my room. Work out organization for my stuff.
3. Help my mom out for meals at home. Cook! Been loooking at recipes online.  Really game to try some of these homemade stuff! Like homemade nachos cheese?!
4. Strengthen my friendships with the ppl arnd me. Been working hard at this the past few weeks. Will try to keep up!
5. Save money for korea.  I do need to set a target amount so i can be more focused.


Hello Bandon!  (: he is such a cutie bear. Haha.


English breakfast? Haha. Need bacon!


Nom nom nom.


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