A broken heart.

When i told my friend what happened to me this afternoon, he asked if i was heart broken-literally. Haha.

So Wednesday turned out a little more different than i expected. I felt unwell from some kinda odd thumping in my heart. I saw a doctor and im going to get my heart checked out later today.  It all seems a little unreal that i have such a problem at a young age. But there is nothing i can do but feel my heart inside my beat a little harder than it should be. I found myself wondering if what this were more serious.  Am i ready to leave this place if i were to really go? Any regrets? You know as Christians, we’re told not to fear death, for physical death is mearly the start of a spending eternity with God.  And i do look forward to that to be honest. And if i were to go for any reason, i would gladly go. I know it’s kinda morbid and whatnot. But with a few recent happenings it did get me thinking. Am i living life to the fullest? If God were to question me today if i have done my job and made use of my talents well? All these things we have to consider right now as we are living on this earth. Because after all,  we will be judged by God. 

But anyway, i just hope that this little scare will pass and i can get back to train for my race.. A little disheartened that i need to put my sports activities on hold. But i supoose i need to do what’s best for myself.


Really yummy roast duck and roast pork ricr i had this afternoon from ayer rajar food centre. 

I would want to ask you why


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