HAHA. so much to update and talk about man. but i just found out that my NTU tutor is coming next week. DIE DIE DIE DIE. i thought she was coming in week 10 please! i need to chiong my logbook. this aint coooolllllll!!! šŸ˜”

anyway, the past 2 days, im just thankful for the people in my life especially my friends. went to sch today so last night i baked for my friends. i hope they feel the luveeee through the cookies. life is too short to take things forgranted. which also reminds me if i want to tell someone something even if it means risking the stability that i have now.decisions decisions. im happy where i am now and if i were to go ahead, it’ll beĀ riskingĀ this happiness. oh wells.

it’s the weekends which means it’s time for exercise! yeah! thankful that i got the green light to exercise. if not i wld be so disappointed to give up my upcoming races and competition. haha. havent been a health freak this week. next week i’ll try to get back into it! fish soup im coming back for u! haha. looking forward to trying newĀ recipesĀ ^^ made chicken quesadillas yesterday for dinner and my parents liked them! my mom cannot cook anything other than chinese for nuts. lol. even her version of indian curry is kinda fail. haha.

i also did a little retail therapy yesterday after going to the doctor’s. haha. shopping alone is the best! haha. plus, if i need an opinion i can always whatsapp my friend for advice. haha. but no more until korea. time to start learning korean too. lol

leaving you guys with my new youtube find this week! it’s The Piano guys. for all my musically inclined friends out there(: (joy i know you are reading this) haha. they have a lot more amazing tunes on their facebook page.and their videos are so incredible. like a piano on the beach? on a canyon?!?!?! go see. it’s so awesomeeeeeeeeee


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