sleepy tuesday!

it’s time to decide on my specialization modules. cant believe that im going to be year 4 soon! how time flies. but it has also been a long time coming. and it’s a blessing from semester to semester. i really think that university has really pushed my limits and it was a good time of maturing from a girl to a women (woah) hahaha. either way, i do look forward to graduation (like finally). but i know with fyp it isnt gnna be easy. but it’ll only mean that God will allow me to exercise faith again (:

went to the gym yesterday after some persuasion from my friend. first time doing a gym session with a friend who can guide and advice me. it was flooooodddeeeddd with males as usual. but it was a good session. my abs are aching! i really do want a better body. but talking about it isnt going to bring me anywhere. it’s going to take a lot of discipline and hardwork! so until i get there, i’ll do my best to achieve my goals. 

upcoming sporting events!

1. metasprint series duathalon with my dad (3km run + 18 km cycle + 3 km run)

2. NTU x-physique 26 May 

3. Sundown 10km 1 June ( im honestly thinking if i should switch category to 21km to challenge myself. but i think i might just hate myself for making that choice)


if all these go down well, i can go on my summer trips and stuff my face ^^ 


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