nothing is forever

indeed, nothing is forever in life. you never know when things or people will change. but i guess that i also what makes life interesting. been a little more on the moody state in recent days.

met an old friend yesterday and im thankful she helped me to bring things back into perspective for me. though i must say it’s hard and it will take hard work.

i just feel motivated to work towards my fitness and health more recently. here’s to a flat stomach and strong arms!

alright. back to the lab. *drags feet*


i am super lucky to have such an awesome supervisor. lol. i shant elaborate but i can say i am lucky. so i guess this is something to be thankful for today. oh. and also i am wearing my boots today when it’s raining! so my feet wont get wet in the rain ^^


Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 09.15.41

something to ponder over..


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