Metasprint Series Singapore- Duathlon 2013

i thought i would just blog about my experience at the Metasprint Series Singapore-Duathlon 2013.

well, i was supposed to be taking part in this race with my dad initially. he would be doing the cycle portion while i would do the run segments. actually last year we also signed up but didnt go ahead as my mom had injured herself. so anyway, end up, my dad DIDNT want to take part last minute and i had to find a replacement. so thankfully, i got Joshua, Julia’s brother do do the cycling segment. 

actually, i also made a huge mistake. the race was on the 24th, sunday. but all along, i thought it was on the 23rd, saturday. and we actually headed down to the venue on saturday only to find an empty venue. OH MY GOSH. most stupid award goes to me thank you very much. hahahahah. so yea. that was dumb of me. 

so anyway, the race came and went. it was a 3km run + 18km cycle + 3km run. i think i didnt do very well for my runs.i didnt train sufficiently. but i guess this is a good warm up to my other races coming up? the sun was a killer too. there were a few times i thought i was gnna collapse in the heat please. haha. overall, it was an alright race. we came in 16th position out of about 30 other pairs?

this is part of a 3 series event, aqualthon(?), duathlon and a triathlon. there were many pros there. some of the ladies were really super fit and i was super motivated by their physique ): haha. i shall continue to press on in my fitness. heh.


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