20 random facts about me

  1. i cant stand guys with long hair
  2. my fav drink at gong cha is earl grey milk tea 30% sugar with herbal jelly
  3. i have shifted house 3 times before
  4. Badminton is the only CCA i had
  5. i am attracted to people who smell good. 
  6. i have never been to Genting
  7. i am currently quite obsessed with cupcakes. those with yummy icing on them. YEY.
  8. i think i have more pictures of my dogs on my instagram than myself.
  9. i am kinda addicted to watching Youtube videos
  10. i have missed my flight once when i went to Bangkok and i felt it was quite exciting
  11. there are times i crave for fast food, like macs and i will go eat it. only to be super disgusted with it with all the grease etc. and i will tell myself never to eat that again. but the craving will come round weeks later.
  12. i am super picky with scents for perfume. i have never liked any i have smelled except for Abercrombie. the one for girls. it smells the most decent. if i could wear the A&F’s men’s one, i would. it’s the most sexy smell evaaaa
  13. i have never gotten drunk before. 
  14. i dont like gassy drinks
  15. i hate lizards
  16. pregnancy scares me. haha
  17. if i could have another dog, it would be a chocolate brown Labrador
  18. i only started singing karaoke less than 6 months ago and I LOVE IT.
  19. i have 3 earholes.
  20. i am looking forward to the Easter/Good Friday weeekend (:

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