looking back at March

“7 The end of all things is near. Therefore be alert and of sober mind so that you may pray. Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”1 Peter 4:7-8

1. Exercise. Really need the discipline on weekdays.  And also,  Eat Clean.

props to me on this! haha. i am really glad for an improvement in this area. but I do need to find my love for running again and to make it consistent. i still find it kinda boring sometimes. exercise really makes me excited (for now). gotta take my training seriously for now at least until May.

my 2 friends and i went to the Botanical Gardens yesterday for a short run. i brought Bandon and Rusty along too. it was really quite fun! we didnt run that much but it was nice to run at the Botanical Gardens.
2. Clean up my room. Work out organization for my stuff.

i think i managed to clear out my room. but let it hanging for quite a while already. i do wnna flea in April though. to earn some extra bucks (: maybe needa buy a new chest of drawers to store my clothes too.

3. Help my mom out for meals at home. Cook! Been loooking at recipes online.  Really game to try some of these homemade stuff! Like homemade nachos cheese?!

i just cooked yesterday!i made shepherd’s pie. haha. i really love watching cooking videos.i also made pasta this week! my dad it was NICE. so rare! but i think overall, i dont think im that good a cook. meh.

4. Strengthen my friendships with the ppl arnd me. Been working hard at this the past few weeks. Will try to keep up!

im still trying. but i think i have yet to get past the stage when i have to let people in my life and trust them. i think on the outside, i appear to be quite a strong person. but on the inside, very few people know me. shrugs. will have to wait for the right people to come along i suppose.

5. Save money for korea.  I do need to set a target amount so i can be more focused.

tickets have been bought! time to save for my shopping there. heh. $$$$

upcoming goals forApril

  1. keep up my walk with God. cling onto Him and His promises for dear life
  2. get my act together for my attachment. it’s getting a little bit out of hand
  3. get stronger. it’s time to get those biceps going. and to run 5km at least 3 times a week.

March has been a really long month. i almost thought it wouldnt end. im feeling really tired right now and i could barely move from the sofa. but all in all, God has been really good and faithful. indeed, He knows me the best. i have learned so much this month once again and it’s only by His grace that i have come this far in my journey with him. i feel closer to God than i have ever been in the past few months, maybe even YEARS. this is what i have needed all these while to get it right with God once again. the feeling is indescribable and i know that God has my best interests in mind.it’s been a long time coming. but i am hopeful things will get better from here onwards.

this has been the most meaningful Good Friday and Easter weekend ever.


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