It’s a new week.  The days are passing pretty fast…this week at work has been better. I dont feel as useless. Haha. But im doing boring stuff. So.. Haha.  I guess u should learn to be thankful that i am not having a stressful time while on attachment. Haha. I can relax most of the time.  Maybe God thinks i need this huh. Lol

One thing that’s different is my diet. I have been eating differently this week. It’s getting boring and i am craving so much unhealthy food. Lol. But i hope to sustain till Sunday. Haha. I do feel alot healthier and lighter. I dont feel as bloated. Will update more towards the end of the week.

I am still in the progress of figuring things out. Some things have changed no doubt. But my mind keeps bringing me back to the past.  And it’s mostly awful memories. I wish we could delete sad parts of our memory so we never have to revisit the pain. Right now, i just hope and pray that God will lead me.  I dont wnna make the wrong decisions in life anymore. I am afraid of putting myself out there and risk my heart being torn apart again. For now, i am keeping it safe within me.

Despite all that, there is still much to be thankful for. I went to exercise during 2 lunch breaks this week. Once was a run to west coast park in the killer sun.  Sorta regretted that. It was too HAWT. Lol. But i survived la. 2 other colleagues and i headed to Clementi gym yesterday during lunch break. Haha. It was fun. Tho a little rushed. I made the guys do planks with me and 1 of them kept whining and complaining. Then this stranger was observing us commented that it was rare for a girl to train guys because usually it’s the other way round.  HAHA. So who says guys are always stronger than girls? Anyway my colleague pretty much gave up after hearing that comment from the stranger. Lol.

Today is rest day..so im spending the night being a couch potato. Lol. Love it. Oh. And everyone shld go watch The Carrie Diaries.  Can do stream/download from the app: qian xun.  Super awesome quality and reliable.

I need to find a place to stay in korea. Gawd. Homeless for now.

It’a Friday tmr! Looking forward. Busy weekend!


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