blast from the past

i did this question and answer thing on my fb wall back in 2009 0.0 and i chanced upon it. so i decided to redo it. HAHA. it’s gnna be interesting.


So why aren’t you in love with your ex anymore? 
well, too many reasons to list. 

Who do you sit next to in your English class? 
no English class right now yo.

Are you generally a happy person? 
right, yes i’m learning to be (:

Who’s in your profile picture with you? 
no one. 

What colour shirt are you wearing? 

Where will you be in an hour’s time? 
in bed under my awesome comforter.

Who was the first person you talked to today? 
my mother. i told her i wanted to eat chee cheong fun when i forgot i’m on my meal plan now. HAHA. i was half awake. thankfully there was no chee cheong fun at the market today. so i had oats (:

How’s your heart been lately? 
it’s being pieced together slowly but steadily.

When did you last smile? 
not too long ago while hanging out with Rusty boy (:

How do you feel right now? 
i feel healthy!!! and lighter.

Had sex at school? 

Are you good at making new friends? 
i have been better at making friends in recent years.

Have you ever seen someone you knew & purposely avoided them? 
yea. totally.i dont really like approaching people in public even when i know them. haha

Are you wearing makeup? 

Will this Sunday be a good one? 

When will your next kiss be? 
not too soon i hope. haha.

If you could move to Africa would you? 
not really. haha

Ever kissed someone who was in a relationship? 

Are promises important to you? 
yes. but i realized that it doenst really mean anything unless u actually DO IT.

Would you ever tell someone you loved them first? 

Anyone of the opposite sex been on your mind lately? 
not really.

Someone knocks on your window at 2 am, what do you say? 
reminds me of twilight when edward visits bella through he window. hahaha

Will you be in a relationship next month? 
absolutely not

Do you love anyone right now? 

Honestly, who was the last person to tell you that they love you? 
well, i dont know how to answer this.

What is your favorite number? 
no favourite number? 

Would you consider having that many kids? 
no fav number. 

Do you ever write notes on your hand? 

Are you violent? 

Were you ever teacher’s pet? 

Can you vote next election? 
yes i think so.

What made you decide to wear the outfit you wore today? 
i went to church for cell so i wore a black v neck t shirt and shorts.

Have you ever done yoga? 
yea. in JC when we had to learn. it was lame.

What’s your favourite colour gummy bear? 
probably pale yellow. or red.

Would you have sex on the first date? 
no way. 

Do you prefer to seduce or be seduced? 

i honestly cant think of an answer. it probably depends on the person.

What is the name of the hottest guy/girl at your school? 
i dont know his name leh. no hot girls i’m the hottest. HAHAHAH.

What smiley represents how your day was? 

Do you prefer fast paced dancing or slow dancing? 
it depends. but usually crazy random fast paced dancing works for me.

Has someone ever taken advantage of you in any way? 

Have you ever fallen asleep while driving? 

Do you believe that you should fight for love? 
yes kinda. but maybe not. cos in the end it’s up to God.

Do you make excuses often? 

What is the main thing you lie about? 
that i am ok when i’m not. or that i dont wnna eat a certain junk food when actually I WANT IT!!!!

Dark eyeliner: yes or no? 
not tooo much,

Do you hold your breath when you pass a cemetery? 

Have you ever felt like you lost? 

Can you take this without deleting any questions? 
i did delete one.

What’s something you really want right now? 

Who was the last person to disappoint you? 
“the ones who will disappoint you the most are the ones you love the most because you have higher expectations of them”

Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with? 
deep? maybe a colleague at work.

Have you ever made a hole in the wall? 

Do you know someone in jail? 

What were you doing at 2:00 this morning? 

Do you wear glasses or contacts? 

Anywhere you’d rather be right now? 
at macdonalds. HAHAHAHA.

Are you going on vacation this coming summer? 
seoul, korea. 

Waiting for someone to call? 

Do you have plans for tomorrow? 

Where did you get the shirt you are wearing? 

Have you ever kissed a complete stranger? 
no. (sadly) HAHAHA.

What was the last thing you drank? 
Soy Dream Vanilla + normal milk. tastes awesome.

What is for dinner tonight? 
good question. celery with chicken, tau kua, and egg with tomatoes and tuna

When a friend walks out of your life, do you go after them or let them go? 
i would prefer not to let them go.

Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance? 

Do you believe in love at first sight? 
i dont think so

Have you ever lived with your girlfriend/boyfriend? 

Does anyone like you? 
i dont know. 

Missing someone you shouldn’t be? 


What did your day consist of? 
being in the lab and at church 

Have you ever been heartbroken? 

Has anyone ever tried to ruin a relationship you were in? 
i guess so.

Do you have a best friend? 

So far, which school year has been the best? 
haha. i dont really know.

Do you hate anyone? 
not completely.

Do you sing in the shower? 

What did you last cry about? 
i was being moody. so i cried, a lot. over what? i dont know exactly. lol.

How old will you be in 10 months? 

Do you think you’ll be married by then? 

What do you look forward to most in the next 1 month? 
my races!!!!!

Who was the last person you called? 

May from church

What’s your ringtone? 
some samsung ringtone

Do you have any pets? 

yes! my two babies. Bandon and Rusty

When is the last time you saw your sister/s? 
she is in front of me

Do you prefer shoes, socks, or bare feet? 

What was the last thing you ate? 
a sweet i think.

What is your favourite ice cream? 
cookies and cream from island creamery

Do you like coffee? 

What do you drink in the morning? 

Do you sleep on a certain side of the bed? 
more towards the right.

Do you eat out or at home more often? 

Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you? 

Do you know any other languages? 

Do you prefer an ocean or a pool? 
Pool. if im swimming and it’s not crowded. but ocean if on a ship(: 

Do you prefer a window seat or an aisle seat? 
aisle. cos i needa pee.

Do you know how to drive a stick shift? 

What is your favourite thing to spend money on? 
my dogs. and food.

Do you wear any jewelry? 
yes. a cross necklace i started to wear again after 4 years.

What is your favourite TV show? 
right now, The Carrie Diaries. 

Who do you agree with the most on things? 


Do you shut off the water when you brush your teeth? 

Do you sleep with your closet doors opened or closed? 
opened. depends if i am lazy to close it. hahaha.

Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of killer bees? 
bear. bears are cute. hahaha. 

Who have you talked to the most today in person? 

Name of the last person you texted? 

Is it easy to make you cry? 
now, yes.

Is it hard to trust others? 

Do you like using big words? 

Do you care too much/not at all/just enough? 
maybe a little too much sometimes.

Have you ever had depression? 

What would you do if your best friend died? 
would be devastated. but try to cope with it? 

Do you consider yourself lucky? 

How often do you cry anyways? 
now quite frequently. lol. 

Have you ever been told ” It’s not you, it’s me”? 
i dont think so

Are you afraid to tell your true feelings? 
now, yes

I bet you’re thinking of someone now? 

you betcha

Can you honestly say that you’re okay right now? 

Do you tell people you’re okay when you’re really not? 
yea. many times. 

Have you ever felt worthless? 
not really.

Have your friends met your parents? 

Have you ever thought about killing someone in detail? 

What do you have pierced on you? 

Have you ever been on a blind date? 

When is the last time you saw fireworks? 
chinese new year 

Are you taller than your mom? 

What are you planning on doing after filling this out? 
hit the haysack

Would you ever live with anyone on your top friends? 

Did the one person who hurt you the most in your life apologize? 

Are you good at hiding your feelings? 

Are you wasting your time on someone? 

Explain the last time you threw up. 
a few years ago. haha.

Do you have a bad temper? 
no. i dont think so. 

Do you think you’ll be married in 10 years? 
ideally. haha.


hope it was fun reading ^^


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