New York, New York

i never had the chance to talk about New York and how amazing it was for me. it was my dream to visit New York and i cant believe i was able to fulfill that dream in such a short amount of time. i am truly blessed.

after travelling for more than 24 hours, we finally reached JFK airport. we were tired. i felt so trapped in my seat on the plan. grr.. haha. but we were excited nonetheless. we stayed in brooklyn instead of manhattan cos it was too expensive to stay in manhattan. new york was almost just like i expected. full of hustle and bustle. i didnt take that many photos because i wanted to experience it for itself and not just be occupied with taking photos. taking the Subway was just so exciting and fun for me. in the trains, you have no phone reception at all. so i heard that was how the ipod trend started. because people cant use their phones to call, text or surf the web, their form of entertainment came from their ipod! and on the train, there are all sorts of people. it was really interesting and eye opening for me. best souvenir? the subway map. lol.



these were the two girls i traveled with. joy and huiping

the Ripley’s Believe It or Not was honestly one of the most interesting museums i visited. i really enjoyed myself there learning about all the random facts.

IMG_0058 IMG_0060

we spent a lot of our time wandering around the streets of Manhattan. it was really fun getting lost and using google maps to bring us to the nearest subway station. we bought the New York Pass, which is a 3 day pass that allows you to visit almost every possible attraction in New York. it is very value for money for the number of attractions you can go to for just $250IMG_0064 IMG_0069

what is this thing? well, it’s one of my fav food in the US. not that i  tried that many. but it’s chipotle! basically a mexican burrito that has meat (chicken, beef, fish), tasty rice, corn, salsa, guac, beans, onions etc etc. that’s why it’s so massive. i have never been able to finish one myself. usually share it with someone else. so tasty. i love it. i wish they would bring it to singapore.IMG_0072 IMG_0073

looking at pictures of it makes me miss it so bad! plus i’m hungry right naoooo.

how cute is this doggy t-shirt? totally adorable. wishing i bought it for my babies. heheIMG_0089

that’s The Grand Central Station. i also realized you can see the Rockefeller building on the right corner of the photo. haha. IMG_0109

not the best photo with all the photo bombers. but i was happy being there because i watched the movie Arthur and one of the scenes on the movie was in this station! the ceiling is really beautiful with the tiffany blue paintings. people were rushing all over to catch their trains (:IMG_0115

well of course what’s New York without Times Square? being there was very surreal with all the billboards and flashing adverts. we even bumped into a singaporean family who asked us to help them take a picture. haha. so funny and coincidental.


this is the view from the top of the Empire State Building. our entry fee was also included in the New York Pass. we even has a free ride included. but even so, the queue to get there is pretty crazy. i think we took 2 hours in total to get up there. the view was pretty nice. and the weather was cool too. it was worth the queue going up. i mean, Empire State Building leh. people would die to get a chance to go. so again, i’m very thankful ^^ IMG_0152

playing with the functions in my camera. not bad huh.looks quite nice

cue Empire State of mind song…IMG_0253 IMG_0256 IMG_0257

one of the highlights of my New York trip was Shake Shack. i have heard about it on youtube through the vlogs of some youtubers. so i was determined to hunt it down. so we found the one at madison square park. it was some of the most beautiful places and the most awesome because hello? fast food in a park? yes please. wait. i wouldnt even call it fast food. because their burgers are made fresh.their patties are made from real meat yo. they are famous for their shakes as well. picture this, sitting in the park on a cold summer evening, having burgers and fries while the sun sets. perfect. and there were squirrels too! huge ones. and they are definitely not afraid to come near you for food. how cute. so yea. the east coast has Shake Shack, and the west coast has in-&-out. heh.

IMG_0258all in all i would say that New York is such a beautiful city. i would love to go back there again, spend more time in central park, go to serendipity, visit more museums, visit ground zero, when we were there, they were still working on the memorial site and you have to purchase tickets in advance to go in. i would love to catch another broadway show too. we caught lion king when we were there. i had seen it in singapore when they came. but joy and huiping didnt. i was enjoyable (: i would love to shop and eat more definitely (: i will be back new york! of course we didnt get to explore brooklyn too even tho we stayed there. we had pizza at grimaldi’s, which was pretty awesome too (: hope you guys enjoyed my travel post! more coming up hopefully!



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