Midweek musings

I am supposed to be sleeping. But i cant help but think of the way the people today feel towards love and relationships.

In the past few weeks, i have an a few encounters and also spent some time thinking. Most people see love as romantic, fall head-over-heels, holding each other, look lovey-dovey(i blame instagram). But the truth is, no one really knows what goes behind the scenes. The fighting, the hurt, the tears, the anger, the desperation, the forgivness, the sacrifice. I have been there. It’s never a pretty sight. And love is mere feelings and emotions. It needs logic too.  So i dont really believe in love at first sight.  Neither do i believe that u can love a person within weeks of knowing him or her. That is just your heart deceiving you. That said, you also dont just stop loving someone just because they said or did something to you and u decide u dont love him or her anymore.  It doesn’t make sense to me. I suppose that’s how the saying comes about. “you either love someone or you have never had. There is no such thing as you loved someone”  much to think about tonight.

I also had a few chunks of brownies that i made, with milk that was so satisfying. Not forgetting loaded with sugar and butter.  It was toooooo damn sweet. But it wasnt a bad recipe. I will continue to work hard with my exercise and runs. I know this is a little far fetched. But i will never let myself go down the slippery slope. Even if i have babies and become fat, i will work hard to be fit! Haha.. Because i now know that with good eating (and meal prep) along with regular exercise, u can be in shape! Sorry for the prep talk. Lol. Will post my meal plan weel soon.


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