terrific thursday

haha. sorry for the alliterations. i somehow like to title my posts this way. actually, there isnt anything amazingly terrific about today. but either way, we should always be thankful for where we are in life, no matter our circumstances. i realized how important it is to live in the moment. far too often, we are always looking forward to what’s next. we look forward to our graduation, our first job, our first car, first house, the next holiday, the next week, the next day, the next hour. and in the process, before we know it, we look back and we start to miss the moments in the past. we could have enjoyed it so much more if we had learned to live in the moment. to just take a breath and bask in all that’s around you.because life, as it is, is too unpredictable and you’ll never know when would be your last day one earth.

today has been good in it’s own ways. i had banana slices with peanut butter on rice crackers.because i forgot my oat. again. but hey, people are drooling over laduree macarons, while i have banana with peanut butter. sounds a lot better to me ok! i dont like macarons that much anyway to be honest. though i know it’s totally a girl thing. i have been telling my guy friends who have been living in caves to go buy them for their girlfriends and they will love them forever. HAHAHHAHA. today was also good because i got to work out during lunch time! i did insanity with 2 of my other friends at work. lol. some may call me crazy. but it makes work fun. and i dont have to drag my lazy ass to exercise when i get home. cos all i wnna do is be a couch potato at home and play with my dogs. haha.

alright. i’m gnna go home and cook dinner for meself! (:


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