it’s about time i blog about my eat clean week. so anyway, before i start, a little disclaimer. i am no pro at this. this is the first time i am even attempting this. i didnt count calories either.

basically what i did in terms of “eating clean” was to not eat any form of process food, i went for homecooked meals as much as i could because that is the best way to know what you are putting into your body. way before i started to be a little more healthy and health conscious, my mom always said that eating outing is never good because u dont know what kinda crap they put into your food. unnecessary salt, MSG, sugar, oil etc etc. so i believe that a big part of being healthy is to KNOW WHAT YOU ARE PUTTING INTO YOUR BODY. oh yea. i also stayed away from any refined carbs. meaning rice and noodles and bread. dont get me wrong i love my rice and noodles at times. but i know well enough that after eating rice/noodles i get so bloated and sleepy. it’s not a good feeling at all. i have been staying away from carbs for a long time now so it’s not really a problem for me. so i tried to eat mostly protein and veg. 

i was mainly inspired by blogilates and also instagram. blogilates had a meal plan for a lean body. but it was really hard to follow all the way and to eat the same thing everyday wasnt going to cut it for me. but i did try to plan out my meals everyday. i had initially planned a week’s long meal plan. but over the days, it changed according to what food i had in my kitchen to cook and also, what i felt like eating. it’s important to plan because if u fail to plan, and u realize u have no food, esp when at work or at school, that’s when u start eating things u are not supposed to eat. esp for me. when i get hungry and i didnt plan what to eat for my snack, i go to the snack table that we have at work. which consists of basically chips and cookies. bad bad bad.

so anyway, here are some of the things i ate during my eat clean week. the pictures are not in order, and i didnt take pictures of ALL that i ate cos it can be quite irritating when u are eating gross oat and u have to take a picture of it. lol. 


this was a picture from yesterday. this is after my eat clean week. but i decided to be disciplined on Friday. i made lunch before gg to work. and bernice texted me in the evening and said she was buying me cupcakes. and NOBODY can say no to cupcakes! haha. actually i can la. but i like cupcakes. hehehe. so anyway, i enjoyed my cupcake with milk this morning before an intense workout. #YEAH


this was friday’s breakfast. to be honest, i HATE OAT. but i think it’s good to have it for breakfast. it’s good for your heart (: so i had it with banana and chia seeds. at around 11am, i had a snack. half cup of greek yogurt with raw carrot sticks and chia seeds. the carrot was nasty man. but had to make do with it. 


this was after my 10km run home from work. some people ask me how i do it. so basically i left my bags at work and ran home with my phone, some cash and card. lol. it was a tough run. i have to admit. halfway through i asked myself why do this to yourself? i’m better off taking public transport. but anyway, i pulled through i felt GREAT. cardio is so important into getting that toned body and flat stomach. you can do all the crunches you want. but there is not such thing as spot reduction. so u need the cardio to burn the fat!


one of my meals during my eat clean week. it was a saturday. my mom bought me vegetarian bee hoon. and i was like NOOOOOOOOO. I CANT EAT THIS! but yea. i ate it anyway, it tasted awesome. not the healthiest. i had a frozen food bowl for snack. it tasted so good! it was such a hot afternoon.. dinner was vegetable sushi and tauhu goreng from Sunny Choice. it’s an organic vegetarian place my family frequents. they have outlets at Rail Mall and West Mall. i love the tauhu goreng. super healthy and tasty. i realized i had no meat at all the whole day. it was all veg and fruit 0.0


this was after workout. this is what keeps me going. whee


another day my painful clean eating. breakfast was gross. i had no fruit for my oat. so i had chicken and egg with oat. hahaha. it was meant to be for my lunch. but yea. forced myself to eat it. had sliced fish soup for lunch at the hawker center. and dinner is as shown. tasted good. i really enjoy cooking for myself. it’s relaxing for me.


bicep progress picture. this was after 2-3 weeks of gymming. i havent been to the gym in about 2 weeks cos the gym is under renovation. but i hope to go this week. need to get those arms going. my arms are WEAK. and yea i need good arm strength for x-physique. 


i believe this was the 3rd day of my eat clean week. breakfast as per normal, lunch was yong tao foo. i didnt have time to prepare that morning, but i didnt have noodles with mine. and i brought my own tuna to add. i had rice cracker with cheese and tuna for snack. dinner was vegs, steamed meat, and sardine. and beancurd skin soup. it was basically what i eat normally even when i’m not on my meal plan. my mom cooks like that on most days. so it’s relatively healthy.


breakfast: oat with blueberries + fail egg

snack: edamame beans. those are pretty nutritious.

lunch: chicken with rice crackers, cheese and cherry tomatoes. i was seriously suffering on day 1. cos i had to painfully watch my friends enjoy my fav duck rice at seah im food centre. ):

dinner: spinach, oregano fish and ABC soup. weird fish recipe that my mom tried.


breakfast: oat with blueberries and banana

lunch: sweet potato, chicken and egg + damn awesome fishball

snack: soya bean milk that went bad. it curdled after 3 hours. ew. had to toss it

dinner: veg, tofu and pork. i love leek.


breakfast: rice cracker with peanut butter, banana and blueberries.

lunch: asparagus, tofu and chicken

dinner: same as lunch plus egg with onion. it was painful to eat the same thing. i was crying inside. lol

snack: rice cracker with peanut butter. 


this was Sunday. i didnt eat well for lunch and breakfast cos i didnt prepare. so anyway, for snack i had salmon and a sweet potato. it was a good meal. it also prepped for my 8km run later that evening. it was a painful run. i should have eaten more. 


i cooked japanese curry a few days back. unfortunately, my family members cannot appreciate it. ): it tasted really good. but it contains a heck load of fat. and sodium, i shudder at the thought. i also ate it with toasted tortilla wrap that i cut into slices. it tastes like fake nachos chips if u know what i mean ^^ 

so that’s the end of my eat clean week. i would say i was 90% successful in terms of sticking to what i can and cant eat.the temptations were great and it’s painful to see people eating awesome food while i had my chicken. lol. but i had already been conscious of what i eat for some time already, i just wasnt that strict with myself. so i still have the discipline to stay away from food that is bad. so i would suggest anyone who wants to try and be healthy/eat clean to do it gradually. dont go on a sudden diet and starve yourself or deprive yourself because i can be almost 100% sure u will crash and u will go stuff your face with crap within a few days. the key is really to be consistent. and dont see it as a thing to lose weight or be thin, but as a LIFESTYLE. it takes a lot of commitment towards achieving that.

i lost about 1.5kg thereabouts though the week. i wasnt aiming for any weight loss to be honest, i just wanted a toner body and i knew that if i watched what i ate, i can see the visual results from my workouts. so to sum up, here are some of my tips

  1. eat more meals. eating less does not mean u will lose weight. in fact, i made sure i ate around 5 times a day during my eat clean week. making sure that each meal is around 200-300 calories. counting calories is hard work and it makes u go crazy. but just make sure your meals are relatively small and free from junk.
  2. prepare your snacks. if you fail to have healthy snacks at hand, you are doomed to fail. hahaha.i had rice cracker on most of the days. it’s about 25 calories per slice plus it gives you the crunch that u need. you can have a box of blueberries, a handful of edamame beans, unsalted almonds, a piece of fruit, a cup of milk. for me it was exceptionally important to have snacks at hand. because across the table in the office were chips, sugary biscuits and chocolate cookies. those were evil. 
  3. drink water. loads of it. at work, i have a friend who can down a 1L bottle in less than half an hour. i cant do that. but it challenged me to drink a lot more. which also meant a lot more trips to the bathroom. but it keeps you full for a longer period of time, and it really cleanses your system. my skin really benefited from all the water and of course, the lack of junk in my diet. water is your best friend. no sugared drinks whatsoever too.
  4.  dont give up. there will definitely be times when u just wnna eat all the burgers and fries and cupcakes (like me) and sometimes u end up caving in, but dont let a bad meal lead you to throw in the towel. one bad meal doesnt make you fat. just like how a healthy clean meal doesnt make you thinner/leaner/fitter

with all that’s said, i am no professional. i am also learning. and i love cupcakes. HAHAHA. crap. hope this long dragging post will inspire some of you to make some healthy changes to your lifestyle. maybe i’ll talk about my exercises next? 

talking about clean eating, i had chicken rice for dinner. i didnt wanna be a wet blanket with my healthy eating and since my dad is having a race tmr, he needs to fuel up so i obliged. but after eating, i am feeling sick. i am so thirsty, i am having a headache. not cool man. ugh. regret eating. alright. thanks for reading.


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