I just did the above workout at 1am in the morning. Except the leg raises.  Cos my glutes/butt just hurts too damn much. Hahaha. Havent had such a muscle ache in awhile. Had a really intense workout with the girls yesterday. It probably led me to be so exhausted the rest of the weekend. But i dont regret it.

Tho i spent a good half of my other weekend nursing a headache from that chicken rice dinner. I can feel it loaded with msg/salt that probably led to my headache right now. Dinner tonight wasn’t any better.  Had dinner at my grandfather’s house and i know he puts msg into his cooking. He says it tastes nicer. But that just made my headache worse. Gawd. I just feel so tired today. Wanted to go for a long run but i knew better to listen to my body. Workout has gotta wait. I feel my body can no longer take in large amounts of salt/msg. And also deep fried stuff. I remember the last time i had a full meal of fish and chips, it just didnt go down well at all.  I had a bad episode of diarrhoea and stomach discomfort. Not cool.

I also tried to make a ‘green juice’  tonight. I just felt bad for the crap i put into my body. So i made a juice using these ingredients. My first time juicing. It wasnt too bad.  Maybe a little too thick. I do need to add more water/ice. Other than that, it tastes pretty good. Not forgetting good for ur body (:



So purple from the dragon fruit and the ice cubes my mom made earlier with some anti oxidant berry drink. Oh yea.  And chia seeds too (:

I feel alot happier making food for myself than having to eat dodgy food that i have no idea what goes into it. I wonder if this is good in the long run. People might think I’m obsessing too much over it. But to be honest im enjoying the process.  I look forward to my meals and i feel happy when i put good food into my system. I feel like havint sashimi tmr.maybe i shall treat myself to sushi tei. I have been saving quite abit of money.cos i have been bringing my own food to work. And i have no shopped since feb. I really wnna buy new clothes. But i promised to save for korea. So i shall continue to exercise self control. Haha.

I hope everyone will have a good week!


Here’s a bonus picture of my best friend (:


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