May is hereeeee

wow, i didnt even realize that it’s May already. time is indeed passing so quickly. but i’m not really complaining. time to review my goals for April.

  1. keep up my walk with God. cling onto Him and His promises for dear life. 
  2. get my act together for my attachment. it’s getting a little bit out of hand
  3. get stronger. it’s time to get those biceps going. and to run 5km at least 3 times a week.

somehow i dont really think i need to review them individually this time because i didnt set real proper goals for myself a month back. also because i cannot really think straight now. i am too tired. lol. but april was no doubt a good month. a month of moving forward (: i also exercised a lot. i also managed to achieve a week of proper clean eating. that in itself is an achievement. so much so that the people around me have been accommodating me and my so-called healthy eating. they buy me healthy food and when we go out to eat they ask if i wnna eat at healthy places. lollll. i still do eat unhealthy food okay! just that i think for now i need to stay away from cupcakes. had one too many last weekend.

took a few days break from exercising because my glutes were just hurting for too many days -.- so lousy please. haha.

this is the video that made me ache for 4 days straight. no kidding. if you do the video properly, u WILL HURT. so effective tho. u girls shld try this and all her other videos on youtube. u will hate her at some point in time while following her because it just burns so bad.

i had a workout session with the girls yesterday. we did insanity and a few blogilates videos. i was so tired cos i slept really late the previous night. but it didnt stop there. i carried on to play 2 hours of badminton later last right. really maxed out my exercise limit yesterday. but this morning’s morning body (or so i like to call it) looks good. not bragging. but i am also aching in every possible way. anyway, my badminton skills have dipped to an all time low. i am so lousy now man ):

not really ready to set goals for May. but im looking forward to it. it’s gnna be AWESOME! i can feel it.

Corinne May is having a concert in JUNE. so tempted… but i need to save money ): sob sob.



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