Your ways are not my ways

Yesterday wasnt a good day. And i can only blame myself for being stoopid. Yesterday i only ate one meal. From morning till 10pm.i seriously thought i was gnna die. I felt so weak. Long story cut short, there is no way intermittent fasting is gnna do it for me. Haha. I wasnt trying to do that anyway dont get me wrong. I guess i was being wayy too picky with food and refused to eat even when i was so hungry cos there was nothing i wanted to eat/nothing healthy. And also, to top it off, i was so fatigued from a few days of lack of proper rest. Lethal combination of doing harm to ur body. I promise to not do that again. I have also being even thinner -.- not cool. None of my shorts fit well anymore. They are hanging on my hips. I will spend the next few days fattening myself up. I just need to find proper food and eat it!

Hope u guys have a great weekend!


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