okay. i decided to blog about exercises. cos i’m feeling like a fatty. just not feeling good today.so what better way than to talk about something that makes me feel good.

so yea. i have been exercising consistently for awhile now. i have never been skinny at all in my life. in JC, i played badminton. but i never did watch what i ate. i ate whatever i wanted. i remember having a lot of fried bee hoon in school. lol. and prata for supper. #yeah. then in uni, exercises? what exercise? haha. i did go for some runs around school while i stayed in hall. but i was never consistent. i spent most of my evenings taking a nap before dinner and then going to study. i was never happy with the way my body was. fat thighs, muffin top, flabby belly, u name it, i had it. HAHA. 

it wasnt until last year, that i decided to get more serious with exercise. it was when i discovered the insanity workout. it’s basically a high intensity interval training that pushes u to the limit. and yea. it isnt called insanity for no reason. i think i also signed up for my first 10km run. so i started to do insanity about 2-3 times a week with my friend jolyn. and the results started to show. the insanity workout focuses a lot on the core and legs. so think squats, jumping etc. so i lost a bit of weight (from all the good food i was eating in the USA) initially. not a significant amount but i felt toner and fitter. insanity also helped me to clear my first 10km run from all that cardio too.

so 2013 started and i fell off my workout for a while because i was on holiday etc. after i started attachment, i started to exercise again. i started to do insanity with my friends once a week on saturday. i also went to the gym about once a week. i also went running about once a week. so that’s about exercise 3-4 times a week. i felt fitter, but i didnt really like that my body wasnt showing the results. so i decided to eat a lot healthier. that’s when i made changes to my diet. and the results were huge. i had a flat stomach for once in my life. on good days, my abs could show. my legs were so much more toned. so yea. there really isnt any hard and fast rule to having a good body. it’s all hard work and dedication. sometimes, during my exercises, esp on long runs and insanity workouts, i feel like giving up. and i question myself why i put myself through this torture! but u know, the results feel amazing. and exercising really helps you feel so much better about yourself. some days you might not see results and u feel like throwing in the towel. for me it’s esp when i dont eat well, i really hate myself. but i have to learn not to give up and keep going. because the only person who can make you have that good body is YOU. no one can force you to exercise or make you go for that long run. u have to take charge of your own body. if you want abs but are not willing to make that sacrifice  then you can wait forever and your flat stomach will never come.

of course time is a factor. you may say. oh. “i have no time”. but to be honest, those are excuses. if it is not important enough to you, you would make excuses for them. so find that time 2-3 times a week to get a workout in. there will never be a workout that you regret. you will only regret when u see the number on the scales go up, or that muffin top forming when u make excuses.

that said, beauty or being fit is not about how heavy you weigh. dont compare to others who have worked out for years and you, only a few weeks. compare only with who you were yesterday and keep pushing for better. the number on the scale is well, just a number. what is most important is you doing it the healthy way. there is no shortcut to health and fitness. 

i didnt manage to workout last week cos i wasnt feeling well due to my excessive clean eating. no point going into details. but yea. i made myself go for a run on tuesday and wednesday during my lunch break. i honestly feel a lot better exercising during lunch break than going to have a full meal with my friends and then feel like crap after that. bloated stomach, food coma etc. NO COOL. so yea. the afternoon sun is damn hot sometimes and im not that fast in running. but i do try. and a slow run is better than a no run at all. and it doenst matter how slow you go, because you are lapping everyone sitting on their bums at home (: haha. hope that motivates you guys. yea. and today i just dont feel happy. so instead of moping around and eating my emotions, i decided to exercise. i went for a short jog with my dogs and then i did insanity insane abs. wow. INSANE indeed. some of the moves are almost impossible. lol. but it works. go try it! i also recommend blogilates on youtube. there are tonnes of simple but killer exercises that you girls should try (: 

if you guys have any questions, i’d be glad to help. though i am not any professional. i’ll just try to help based on my experiences. stay healthy and fit guys!


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